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At Wraptor, we specialise in delivering high-quality, custom signage solutions tailored to meet your business needs. Serving the Brisbane area, we provide a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor signs that are designed to last, ensuring vibrant and durable displays that leave a lasting impression.

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At Wraptor, we specialise in creating high-quality vehicle wraps and custom signage tailored to your business needs. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering standout designs that help your brand shine.

Brisbane custom signage tailored to your business needs.


Aluminium Composite Signs, Corflutes, PVC Signs, Window & Glass Graphics, Mesh, A-Frames, Building Signage, Outdoor Signs & Indoor Signs


Commercial Partial & Full Vehicle Wraps, Colour Change Vehicle Wraps, Paint Protection Wraps, Ute Trays & Vehicle Signage


Decals, Stickers, Window Graphics, Uniforms, Work Shirts, School Uniforms, Polos, Hoodies, Jackets, Custom Hats and Socks


Our offerings include an extensive variety of signage options to suit every requirement. Whether you need corporate signs, commercial signs, shop signs, or custom vehicle wraps, we have the expertise to create visually striking and effective signage that enhances your brand’s visibility.


Aluminium composite panel signs are the ideal choice for your signage needs especially in Brisbane. These rigid, lightweight, and ultra-flat panels offer superior qualities, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With the durability of metal signs and the versatility for digital print designs, they provide excellent value for money. Choose aluminium composite panel signs for a professional and cost-effective solution that stands out among the hustle and bustle of Brisbane CBD & Suburbs. 

ACP Signage Brisbane

Corflute Panel Signs Brisbane

Corflute panel signs are an economical choice for temporary signage in Brisbane. Made from lightweight fluted board, these signs can be cut to any size and are available in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, corflute signs are ideal for short-term promotional needs.

Foam PVC Signs Brisbane

Foam PVC signs offer a budget-friendly solution for indoor signage in Brisbane. Lightweight and versatile, they can be easily hung from ceilings or mounted on walls and windows using double-sided tape. These signs provide an effective way to maximise exposure without breaking the bank.

Frosted Windows & Glass Brisbane

Enhance privacy and aesthetics with frosted window and glass coverings. Perfect for both business and residential use in Brisbane, these cost-effective solutions are moisture-resistant, long-lasting, and designed to fit any size. Frosted signs maintain privacy while allowing natural light to filter through.

Frosted Windows & Glass Brisbane

Window Decals Brisbane

Custom window decals and graphics are a versatile signage option for Brisbane businesses. Suitable for both internal and external use, these decals can be produced in various sizes, from large graphic windows to small decals. Wraptor offers high-quality printing with vivid colours and photo-realistic images, along with full installation services across South East Queensland.

Wall Graphics Brisbane

Transform your space with bespoke wall graphics from Wraptor. Ideal for offices, retail shops, and public spaces in Brisbane, our wall graphics add a creative touch and can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want striking graphics or photo-realistic images, our high-quality prints will make your space stand out.

Mesh or PVC Banners Brisbane

Mesh and PVC banners are perfect for outdoor advertising and events in Brisbane. Mesh banners withstand wind exposure, making them ideal for construction sites and promotional events, while PVC banners are great for shopfronts and temporary displays. Both options provide a durable and effective advertising solution.

Mesh or PVC Banners Brisbane

Floor Decals Brisbane

Ensure safety and organisation with custom floor decals in Brisbane. Designed for heavy foot and machinery traffic, our durable floor signs can withstand water and chemical spills. Perfect for marking unsafe areas or providing directional guidance, these decals can be installed on various surfaces, including carpets, tiles, and concrete.

Floor Decals Brisbane

Builders Signs Brisbane / Owner Builder Signs QBCC Compliance

Comply with QBCC regulations with our high-quality builders signs in Brisbane. Made from weatherproof materials like corflute panels or aluminium composite panels, these signs display essential information such as your name, license number, and must be visible from the roadside. Avoid fines by ensuring your site signage meets all requirements.

Builders Signs Brisbane / Owner Builder Signs QBCC Complian

A-Frame Signs Brisbane

A-frame signs are an excellent way to increase visibility for your Brisbane business. With eye-catching designs and full-colour printing, these portable and waterproof signs are perfect for promoting sales, navigating traffic, or general advertising. Ideal for pop-up shops, food trucks, restaurants, and events, A-frame signs provide maximum exposure from both directions.

A-Frame Signs Brisbane

Pull Up Banners Brisbane

Pull up banners offer a quick and easy signage solution in Brisbane. Portable and easy to install, these banners come with a carry bag and are available in single or double-sided options. Perfect for promotional events, trade shows, and exhibitions, pull up banners are a versatile advertising tool.

Flag Poles Brisbane

Flag pole signs are an effective way to attract attention and enhance brand awareness in Brisbane. Available in three sizes with various installation options, including spikes, weight bags, and free-standing stands, these versatile signs can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Flag Poles Brisbane

Banner Stands & Cafe Barriers Brisbane

Banner stands and cafe barriers provide stability and durability for your advertising needs in Brisbane. Whether free-standing or fixed, these signs are suitable for banner or hard substrate installations, making them ideal for businesses looking to make a significant impact.

High-Quality Short / Bulk Printing Services Brisbane

Wraptor offers state-of-the-art printing services in Brisbane. Using the latest HP latex 700W water-based printer and European-designed Kala Mistral Laminator, we ensure high-quality finishes, vibrant graphics, and precise colours for all your signage needs.

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With over 40 years of experience in the sign industry, Wraptor’s skilled staff are dedicated to delivering top-quality work and meticulous attention to detail in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Located in South East Queensland, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Wraptor specialises in commercial vehicle wraps, large format print production, signs and signage, window, wall, and floor graphics, stickers/decals, graphic design, and custom clothing apparel for all your business signage needs.

Wraptor Signs & Wraps is based in South East Queensland servicing Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast

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Living in Brisbane and South East Queensland means your signage needs to endure extreme weather conditions year-round. From scorching summer heat to unpredictable winter drops, durability is key. At Wraptor Signs & Wraps, we understand these challenges firsthand. Our commitment to using top-grade materials ensures that our signs not only withstand but thrive in Brisbane’s climate.

We exclusively partner with high-quality brands and materials sourced from trusted suppliers. This approach guarantees superior aesthetics and long-lasting adhesion for all our signage products. Whether you’re seeking information on our Brisbane-wide signage solutions or need maintenance tips, contact us today for expert advice and durable solutions.


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